Photography Development: Shoot in Manchester

Over the May bank holiday I took a trip to Manchester to shoot some new ideas for personal projects. I focused on two different types of photography, modern architecture and documentary. My partner is fantastic at finding locations for photography and he found a great open urban space that is currently in the process of being redeveloped. What caught my eye was the contrast between the bright green grass and the building far in the background. I shot a series of images that reflected this in a documentary style. 

During my first year at university I produced a project (themed around ‘Place’) that looked at urban space vs green space. I took a series of shots in Maidenhead that reflected the town as an area that is about to go through change. Documenting the urbanisation was important during the project as part of the aim was to show the comparison between the old green space and the new developments and the new manicured green spaces that came with them. The set of shots that I shot for this series deals with the same themes. I wanted to show an area that’s about to go through change and document it in the present day. 

Photos from my Place Project

I also visited Media City which was my favourite place throughout the weekend. I loved photographing all the modern buildings and being right in the centre of ITV studios. It was a great day with blue skies and clouds. This was perfect for shooting buildings with cloud reflections. 

On the second day, I focused on modern architecture. I looked at reflections and how these large buildings sit in the city of Manchester and the different types of buildings. I shot these looking up, so that the buildings appear as giants and give an abstract effect. This is my unique style of shooting and I really love seeing the impact in post-production. I think these angles not only show off the building but also the details and how it sits in the light.

I really enjoy getting out and about with my camera, Manchester was a successful trip and another fantastic city that I can tick off my list. I have new material for my upcoming exhibition in November which is really exciting, as well as a brand new documentary style project in the making. Watch this space! 

Photography Development: Shoot in Vauxhall, London

When I left university last year I stopped travelling into London as much. I’d been doing it for so long throughout the course of my degree. I suppose my focus had changed, not to mention the tiredness of a whole day shooting in London. I was keen to start up as a freelancer and throw myself into my brand and get networking. For many months I focused on building relationships, developing my services and gaining clients and this was easy to do during the winter season. 2019 came around, spring hit and I kept thinking I needed to get back out there with my camera for my personal development, not just for my business. 


I planned a shoot in Vauxhall, an area I’d been to before so I was confident with finding my way around on foot. It was a lovely spring day, the sun was out and the skies were blue and these are always my perfect days to shoot architectural photography. At the forefront of my mind I was thinking “It’s time for a new project”. The ‘Monumental City’ project was the big one for 2018. It was for my final major project for university, was exhibited in my university degree show and exhibited a second time at my local co-working space, where I gave a talk on the project back in October 2018. I’m proud of that project, it took the best part of a year to develop and it gained me a lot of exposure and still does now. However, for me it was time to shoot some fresh material, I felt I needed to look at new imagery, create something even better and progress to the next level.

I started shooting various different angles of each building, I wanted to celebrate the modern architecture of London. It fascinates me and gets me excited and even though I’d not photographed a full-on architecture shoot for a while (besides the odd photo here and there), it felt good to be doing what I love and what I’m talented at. I captured long shots, details and abstract shoots. I took my time and reviewed each image, checking I’d snapped exactly what I intended to. 

I looked at different shapes, textures and reflections of each of these buildings. In my mind, I was thinking “how can I develop a new set of work even better than ‘Monumental City’?” This was my starting point and I’m pleased with the images I took, I love the vibrancy and bright blues. At this moment in time I’m in the very early stages of developing a new project and I’m definitely going to be planning a few more shoots in London to explore and develop.

In November of this year, I’m having an exhibition at the Gallery at The Curve, Slough (more information coming soon). Following a successful 2018 I plan to produce a couple of new bodies of work to exhibit for this, focusing on various architectural subjects. Most of the time the problem is scheduling time in to focus on producing new work and developing my practise in a genre that I love. Finding the headspace to do this also isn’t easy, as I have to be in a creative mindset and feel motivated to produce new work. With the summer rapidly approaching and those blue sky days becoming more regular, I do feel motivated and excited to get out and find the latest modern architecture which is waiting for me! I’m looking forward to continuing building my brand, showing people what I have achieved and how I am developing. Another exciting six months ahead at Kirsty Meredith Photography. Watch this space!