‘Congregation’ explores the way in which the space in a church is used and how important community is in St Luke’s Church. The sequence explores how the church is used and the emerging challenges faced by its community. 

Kirsty took a range of photographs to show the community and space in different ways. She subsequently visited the church over a period of two months. Throughout the duration of this project, Kirsty engaged closely with members of the community, interviewing them and gaining knowledge to build up an insight into church life.

The sequence of images demonstrates a linear narrative approach due to its accumulated meaning in its sequence. The final sequence as the same conventions of the photo essay. Kirsty commenced the sequence by scene-setting using characters from within the community. 

The aim was to build up tension through use of quotes from the church community which discuss a variety of relevant topics including the future of the church and the challenges faced, in particular its ability to attract future generations of community members. The sequence was concluded with a positive quote from a member of the community, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to the church.