Fassett Square E20

‘Fassett Square E20’ is a photo book Kirsty made for a university project. As an architecture photographer, Kirsty had explored much of Central London over the past two years. For this book, she wanted to discover a new area. After much research on different locations, Kirsty discovered the hidden gem of Fassett Square which lies between Hackney Central and Dalston. 

Fassett Square (a small residential square) was built in the early 1860’s. A typical owner of a house in the square back when first developed would have been clerks, merchant, master craftsmen and commercial travellers. Tony Holland and Julia Smith made the square famous in 1983 by using it for inspiration to create the BBC soap opera EastEnders. Being a super fan (not missing one episodes and let’s not forgot her love for Grant Mitchell having met the actor twice), Kirsty decided Fassett Square would be the perfect location for this book.

Kirsty’s vision was to capture the houses, personalities and the community without showing the people who live behind the doors. Kirsty’s approach was to photograph the natural essence of the properties focusing on the brick work and its individual personalities. She decided to place the images in chorological order starting with Number 1 Fassett Square.