Girl Tribe Gang

Girl Tribe Gang (founded by Catherine Asta Labbett) was a community for women who have aspirations to quit the 9-5 and freelance. There are 30+ tribes around the country and Kirsty was part of the Maidenhead and Windsor Tribe. Kirsty teamed up with Tracy James from Bright Yellow Coaching to provide photography for the monthly tribe events. Girl Tribe Gang had nine values including Fiercely Brave which Kirsty believes she is! 

Kirsty Meredith Photography captured the relaxed vibes, laughter and energy of these events bringing colour, vibrance and a smile. 

Kirsty also runs the blog series #DeterminationAndDisability on the Girl Tribe Gang website to raise awareness for other woman running a business with a disability.

Since the sale of Girl Tribe Gang in June 2019, the #DeterminationAndDisability series has moved across to Kirsty’s website. View all posts under the D&D Blog tab.