Will & Dave, MyWorkSpot

“At MyWorkSpot we have the pleasure of displaying Kirsty's "Monumental City" collection for our members to enjoy. Kirsty is a very active member of our community bringing people together, organising network events and working with other businesses in the space. Her photography on our wall always sparks a great reaction from visitors and members who stand and admire the work and it has brightened what was a very plain looking wall within our space.

We would be happy to recommend Kirsty to anyone with photography needs (and of course already have). Not only does he work on display show that she is an excellent architectural photographer, she has also provided headshots to many of our members. If you need any of this, you must contact Kirsty!”

Helen Hoyle, Director, Eight Strategy

“We were made aware of Kirsty following her exhibition talk on architecture at our place of work.  The photographs were fantastic, beautiful and well executed and Kirsty came across as a really approachable, friendly, bubbly person – ideal we thought for having our photos taken.  The team were not a great fan of having their photos taken so it was important we found someone who could put us at ease, which Kirsty did instantly. 

Kirsty suggested trialling the composition first with myself, making sure we found the right output, ‘pose’, before asking everyone to come and take their turn.

It resulted in some great quality photos, that reflected our personalities (all smiley!) and great for our comms and website, can’t recommend Kirsty Meredith enough.”

Tracy, Girl Tribe Gang, Maidenhead & Windsor Tribe Boss

“Kirsty is one of the most fiercely brave women I know so she was an absolute no brainer as official photographer for the Maidenhead and Windsor tribe of Girl Tribe Gang.  She always has a huge smile on her face and is great with people which is an important quality in a photographer.

Kirsty’s background in architecture was outside of the scope of what we needed but she very quickly adapted to our needs of event and head shot photography.  She works really hard to ensure she is set up and has everything she needs to do a great job at every meet up.

My favourite thing about the work she has done for me is that she has a lovely knack of capturing smiles, laughter and those intimate moments that capture the vibe of an event.  I would highly recommend Kirsty.”

Sue, Maidenhead

“Kirsty has a likeable, bubbly, enthusiastic personality with a business like demeanour and first rate qualifications in photography as well as an impressive portfolio of work.  I first met Kirsty at a networking session/viewing of her work. She is impossible to dislike. I am extremely difficult to photograph as I feel uncomfortable in front of a camera and choose Kirsty as I knew she’d put me at ease.

My expectations were for a headshot shoot specifically for LinkedIn.  Kirsty took shots in a variety of locations/backgrounds within the open office setting and later a conference room.  Would have preferred the use of more professional pops, sitting at a desk, such as laptop, calculator etc as the best phots were those taken next to a plant, and this was difficult to completely crop out of the final headshot for LinkedIn, as much as I liked the final photo.

I’ll never feel at ease in front of a camera, but Kirsty did her utmost to help me relax and even made me laugh at one point.  I had already recommended Kirsty’s services to another lady wanting a headshot.  Apart from the comment about the use of a laptop/desk for professional shots, I think I would recommend Kirsty’s services to anyone wanting a fun photoshoot in a more informal setting.”

Elaine, High Wycombe

"Kirsty was recommended to me by a member of my job-search networking group. I felt very comfortable working with Kirsty and now have a lovely new photo on my LinkedIn account.”